Hollywood is gay


jeah jeah I know… like this word is everywhere, right? But I love it!

I have a HUGE thing for bromances…. as you can see (yeah, all the nick frost/simon pegg and jude law/rdj spam)

I mean, like it’s almost the purest form of love :3 two pals loving each other, not for their bodies and sexuality,…

Jeah, some already answered! I’m happy :D

  1. hollywoodisgay reblogged this from hollywoodisgay and added:
    Jeah, some already answered! I’m happy :D
  2. ohdeargodwhy answered: yes, and whoa the thing about bromances being the purest form of love, that’s rather lovely and awesome <3
  3. decadentdecay answered: I have a bromance :) At least, I condier it one.
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